Using react-testing-library

react-testing-library is a very lightweight solution for testing React components. Here are a few of my learnings from building this unsplash viewer:

Simulating events

Consider using @testing-library/user-event for simulating events instead of fireEvent.

If you want to simulate a user typing in an input field using fireEvent, you would write something like this:

fireEvent.change(input, { target: { value: "Hello world" } });

The problem with this is that it doesn't simulate what a real user would do. It doesn't simulate events like focus, mouseEnter, keyDown, etc. If you want to simulate those events, you can use userEvent:

import userEvent from "@testing-library/user-event";

userEvent.type(input, "Hello world");

Targeting components

If you want to target a component, consider trageting them using data-testid instead of class names.

const SearchResults = () => (
  <div data-testid='search-results'></div>
const searchResults = getByTestId("search-results");

Restricting queries

When I was trying to target a page number in the pagination component, I was trying to use getByText('2'). The problem here is that there might be more than one number '2' in the application. To solve this, I restricted the query to only search within the pagination component container.

const paginationComponent = getByTestId("search-pagination");